Camp Patriot Ranch Project

A Living Tribute to disabled veterans of all generations

/_uploaded_files/montana_ranch_.jpgThe new Camp Patriot Ranch represents an exciting phase in the growth of our organization. The purchase of a dedicated facility will allow Camp Patriot to expand our mission in order to transform the lives of near 400 veterans each year.

A property in Northwest Montana has been targeted for purchase to become our new ranch retreat. This unique 150+ acre ranch includes a 16-acre lake where veterans can enjoy fishing, kayaking, boating, and swimming events. Throughout the property there are extensive trails for mountain biking, cross-country skiing and hiking that offers veterans the opportunity to learn new skills or to engage in activities they believed were no longer possible.

The Walls of Patriots: The centerpiece of the ranch will be the Camp Patriot Founders Building. Camp Patriot founders are men and woman, who share our values of service, faith and honor. In the center of the facility, the names of each Camp Patriot alumni will be placed on metal plaques. These plaques will face the Walls of Patriots, it is through their love and support of these donors that this veteran’s ranch sanctuary is made possible.

Join Us: Please donate below or contact Robert Vera at 480-201-4036.


Featured Sponsors

As of March 1st, 2012, Jason Andrew Bond has dedicated 25% of the profit from all sales of his book to support disabled U.S. veterans. Jason's first book "Hammerhead" is a high-velocity race for survival, which Sci-Fi fans have rated five-out-of-five stars. Jason now has released a sequel titled "Hammerhead Resurrection" But with a strong set of fresh characters and a relentless storyline, Hammerhead Resurection is also appealing to those who simply enjoy a great read. Our Veterans say he's done a phenomenal job of "getting things right" about the military. This fact has put him on Amazon's best seller list.  

I have personally read Hammerhead and am neck deep in Hammerhead Resurrection, another can't put it down novel. Thank you Jason not only for your generosity to Camp Patriot, but to help injured and disabled veterans or our United States Military. 

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Latest News

New Ranch Retreat in Yaak Montana
Camp Patriot, with your help, has purchased a property in Yaak Montana on Lake Vinal. This will allow us to do outdoor recreational therapy with 300+ wounded & disabled veterans annual. The property will take some work in getting it, the two log cabins and the barn ready for guests. Please "like"us on Facebook so you can see more pictures and keep updated on the progress. We will be getting the equipment for the programs, soon. Please let us know if you can assist with any equipment needs.

Friends of Camp Patriot
"Friends of Camp Patriot" is a way that you can make a monthly recurring donation to Camp Patriot. You can donate through PayPal or a debit/credit card. ~ This will allow us to count on your dedicated donation in support of the wounded & disabled veterans of Camp Patriot. We cannot do this without YOU! ~ Please take a look at the donations page and consider lending us your support. ~

Please "like" us on Facebook for up-to-date happenings and great photo's. We are able to update Facebook quickly and attach many photo's. We encourage you to "like" our page and share it with others. We encourage you to make positve comments for us and our other friends. We cannot complete this mission without you! Thank you for visiting our website.

A Warrior's Faith, by Robert Vera
A book about Ryan "Biggles" Job, Navy SEAL and his Faith. Written by a Friend of Camp Patriot. Release date is March 3, 2015.

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