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 Camp Patriot's mission:


Life Changing Adventures, Mentoring, Veteran Leadership Program

Camp Patriot exists to take combat wounded & disabled U.S. Veterans on outdoor adventures.

The task is monumental. Today, there are over 2.3 million wounded & disabled veterans in the U.S. The number of disabled men and women veterans is growing with each day, as the "war on terror" continues. The suicide rate for veterans is 22+ per day. We need to reach out to the veterans now & with a strong arm!

These brave veterans sacrificed so much in order to ensure our safety and freedom. All of these veterans had dreams about the future, but many of those dreams were lost due to injuries suffered in the line of duty. Outdoor activities that they hoped to do in the future have vanished due to their disability. We want to thank these veterans by showing them that with the right help, they can again enjoy the great outdoors.


 Camp Patriot - Past, Present & Future:


A LIVING Tribute to disabled veterans of ALL generations!

Ranch House

"Giving Back to Those Who Have Given"

The new Camp Patriot Ranch represents an exciting phase in the growth of our organization. The purchase of this dedicated facility will allow Camp Patriot to expand our mission in order to transform the lives of 300-500 veterans annually. It will also allow for many volunteers both individuals and corprate to come out and assisit the wounded veterans. The purchase was finalized the first week of September. Now, we must do some remodeling of the buildings and preparing the land as well as, purchasing furnishings and adventure equipment. Please contact us if you, a social group or work group would like to donate any specific items.

We have purchased a property in Yaak Montana. The property is ~100 acres and with a 10 acre lake where veterans can enjoy fishing, kayaking, boating, and swimming events. Throughout the property there are extensive trails for mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowmoblies ATV's, horseback riding, hiking and much more. This will offer veterans the opportunity to learn new skills or to engage in activities they believed were no longer possible. Nature itself is therapeutic!

YOU can help!

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We have about 40 people & businesses who make a automatic recurring donation. It is our new goal is to have 10 people or groups to sign up every month for 2015.


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Featured Sponsors

In A Warrior’s Faith, Ryan Job’s close friend, Robert Vera, recounts how the highly decorated Navy SEAL’s unstoppable sense of humor, positive attitude, and fierce determination helped him survive after being shot in the face by an enemy sniper on a roof in Ramadi, Iraq.

Though blinded, the irrepressible Job recovered from his wounds and began facing a new set of obstacles with his characteristic humor and resolve. He married the girl of his dreams, hunted elk, climbed Mt. Rainier, graduated college with honors, influenced countless people around him, and was looking forward to being a father—before his life was tragically cut short by a hospital medical error. Vera’s raw, often funny, and heartfelt account of his friend’s life offers readers a way to find hope in the middle of life’s raging storms.




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Latest News

Camp Patriot 4th of July FUN RUN
Registration is NOW open... go to that website to register. You can run/walk/roll/ride horses...from anywhere in the world. See our VIRTUAL RUNNER option under the "Race Details" tab. THANK YOU! Welcome back to our South Dakota Runners and Tri-Cites Washington Runners! Join us from wherever you are! www.camppatriotfunrun.org. SHARE this with everyone that you know.

New Ranch Retreat in Yaak Montana
Camp Patriot, with your help, has purchased a property in Yaak Montana on Lake Vinal. This will allow us to do outdoor recreational therapy with 300+ wounded & disabled veterans annual. The property will take some work in getting it, the two log cabins and the barn ready for guests. Please "like"us on Facebook so you can see more pictures and keep updated on the progress. We will be getting the equipment for the programs, soon. Please let us know if you can assist with any equipment needs.

A Warrior's Faith, by Robert Vera
A book about Ryan "Biggles" Job, Navy SEAL and his Faith. Written by a Friend of Camp Patriot. Release date is March 3, 2015. http://www.amazon.com/Warriors-Faith-Life-Changing-Firefight-Transformed/dp/1400206782

Friends of Camp Patriot
"Friends of Camp Patriot" is a way that you can make a monthly recurring donation to Camp Patriot. You can donate through PayPal or a debit/credit card. ~ This will allow us to count on your dedicated donation in support of the wounded & disabled veterans of Camp Patriot. We cannot do this without YOU! ~ Please take a look at the donations page and consider lending us your support. ~

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